Auction for PJ's Africa's original cover background.

Africa, 1996, collage on paper, 14 x 14 cm (5.5 x 5.5 in).
Original collage work for Africa CD album cover background made for Perpetuum Jazzile.

This is an auction.
You can bid price with a comment of raising the price for at least 10€ (
13.5 US$)

Starting price is 10€ (13.5 US$)
This auction ends March 30th, at 11 pm (CET). 

The highest bid means that you actually have to buy and become an owner of art work. 
Shipping is free all over the planet.

Sašo Vrabič is a freelance artis based in Slovenia, 
registered as a painter at Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia
M: +38604638174 



Oseba Sašo Vrabič sporoča …
Starting price is 10€ (13.5 US$)
This auction ends March 30th, at 11 pm (CET).
Oseba Lili sporoča …
I just bid € 20 for the elephant.
Oseba Sandy sporoča …
I bid 30 Euros for the artwork.

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